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Image of Deep Coil Grooming Full Set

Deep Coil Grooming Full Set

Includes :

Part Comb

Fine tooth parting comb for dividing and grooming small sections of hair.
Carbon anti static comb.

Distinguish Brush

Distinguish your curl pattern by locking wet strands together and leaving to air dry or with warm diffuser.

Spray Bottle 120ml

Fill me up, Spray liberally.
Helping keep your locs lubricated and moistured.

Custard 120ml

Replenishing Root Stimulating Custard

A unique blend of essential oils that penetrate the scalp and moisturize the hair shaft from root to tip. Encouraging a healthier scalp base and follicle for hair growth.
Light consistency, quick-absorbing cream, to be applied to the scalp.
With a smooth non-greasy application, refreshing tingly sensation and warm velvet biscuity aroma.

INGREDIENTS: Aqua/Petrolatum/Glycine Soya Oil/Linalool/Olea Europaea Fruit Oil/Vitellaria Paradoxa/Parfum/Citric Acid

Pudding 120ml

Gold Point Pen

Matte Black Point Pen